Why Are Acai Berries so healthy? Here’s why!

Why Are Acai Berries so healthy? Here’s why!

acai berryIf you are to get something healthy to eat, then the acai berry may have something wonderful to interest you. Over the past years, the acai berry has gone from virtually unknown to very popular within a very short period. People are already taking vitamins and food supplements, and they welcome a natural alternative that may fit the job as well or even better.

The first thing that people often learn about the acai berry is the fact that it has lots of antioxidants. There are debates about whether the acai berry contains more antioxidants than any other fruits. Some say that it does, but others believe that there are other fruits, others of the often called superfruits, that have even more antioxidants than the acai berry.

There are many types of antioxidants in the acai berry such as anthocyanins. The vital anthocyanins in the acai berry are called cyanidin-3-glucoside or C-3-G and cyanidin-3-rutioside. There are much more antioxidants in the acai berry such as polyphenols which are found widely in the pulp of the acai berry. They are efficient in fighting free radicals.

Goji-BerryA diet is not complete without essential fatty acids, and the acai berry has plenty of fatty acids that your body needs to be healthy. In fact, the little acai berry contains more fat in it than other things. By measuring the dry weight of the acai berry, you will find that 50 percent of more of the berry weight is fat, mostly monounsaturated fats but there are some polyunsaturated fats. The fatty acids in the acai berry are similar to that of olive oil.

Not all fruits have protein content, but the acai berry is a great source of protein. Research has shown that the protein profile of some acai berries is similar to that of an egg. This makes the acai berry high in protein. However, not all acai berries are high in protein. Different palm trees are found in conditions that result in acai berries with higher protein content than others.

When talking about the nutritional profile of the acai berry, you cannot forget that the acai berry has a lot of vitamins in it. There are many vitamins including vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C and E. The acai berry pulp is where most of the vitamins are. This is why, when choosing an acai juice, you should look for one with the acai pulp in it, not a pulp free one. When drinking the Acai juice, you will have most of the vitamins that your body needs.

The vitamins and minerals in the fruit, anyone eating the acai berry or drinking good brands of acai berry juices finds themselves full of energy and healthy. Many other nutrients have not been mentioned such as fiber in the acai berry. Also, the acai berry is very low in sugar making it suitable for anyone on a low sugar diet.

Goji Berries (or bacche di goji per dimagrireare ) are very similar to acai. The health benefits are almost indistinguishable, and they can do quite a bit for your health on a budget.  It’s good to search ” Le bacche di goji fanno dimagrire ” in order to find the best deals on them since they are cheaper in foreign markets. Acai can be sort of expensive every now and then, which means that dieters and practitioners of a healthy, green lifestyle who are constrained by a budget may need to search for deals. Needless to say, they are almost just as good as for a dieta acai.

3 Main Herbs That Improve Libido

3 Main Herbs That Improve Libido

ginkgo-biloba-bspThere are so many people who suffer from low libido problem. It becomes important to have an active libido to feel confident about your sexuality. The world has become fast paced and there are so many products used in the market that it can be challenging to make a good choice. There are natural herbs that can be used to improve libido effectively. They include:
Suma root

Also going by the name of Brazilian Ginseng, Suma root has been widely used in South America to excite libido and balance female hormones. According to scientific research, Suma root functions by increasing estradiol-17beta hormone levels of an individual giving them greater sexual satisfaction.


People in Central America have been using Damiana for many years now to mange problems like frigidity, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and testicular atrophy. It should be used effectively with other herbs for the best results. It is a perfect herb for improving libido.
Ginkgo (Ginkgo Biloba)

Ginkgo is one of the frequently used herbs to boost libido in people. It plays its role through the following ways:-helps to relax the blood vessels and provide nutrients to the body-helps to maintain vascular insufficiency-improves the blood flow to the male organ to boost sexual ability.-acts as a rejuvenating agent. Ginkgo should be taken after meals for effective results.

The Healthiest Vegetables that You Can Eat

The Healthiest Vegetables that You Can Eat

Broccoli1If you think that all vegetables are healthy, you are right. But, if there are only some of them which are healthiest and turn out to be very delicious, then they are worth trying. So, check out the healthiest vegetables that you can eat.

First, try kale. It is rich in fiber and nutrients. Steamed kales are best for reducing the cholesterol level and risk of cancer, while helping the detoxification system for the body.

Second, broccoli. Nobody doubts this. It is as simple as steaming this magic vegetable to get its maximum antioxidant substance. Broccoli is also full of vitamin D and A, while it can also produce kaempferol, the best substance for eliminating allergic to the human body.

Third, spinach. This is Popeye’s favorite snack and undoubtedly contains what human beings need from vitamin A, C, K, as well as Glycoclycerolipids, the best substance to avoid the damage of human’s digestion system.

Definitely, other vegetables which are mentioned above have vitamins, minerals and other healthy substances for human beings. But, try consuming those three aforementioned veggies and you’ll feel the difference.


History of Traditional Herbal Remedies

History of Traditional Herbal Remedies

herbal teaLiving green is a relatively new concept. However, traditional herbal remedies and medicines are not. In fact, for over 3000 people have used them to treat illnesses. And today, more than 80% of the world population have followed.

The concept is relatively straightforward. Find a natural element in the environment, ingest it. See what kind of effect – good or bad – it has on the ailment from which you suffer. Each and every part of the plant, from the seed to the flower, has been used throughout the history of herbal medicine. Natural remedies have been delivered in so many versions – raw, brewed in with tea, topical ointments, and pills. Originally, the uses for these plants were determined by superstitious cues, based on the plants likeness to a particular body part or because it grew in a particular area. Over time, the practice became more refined. To the point that many prescription drugs available, today contain extracts of the herbal medicines.

This fairly simple concept has evolved quite a bit over the years. The use herbsof natural remedies has been documented for over 3000 years, and in addition to the thousands of years of human testing, the practice has withstood intense scrutiny and real world testing. Though studies continue and remedies continue to alter, herbal medicine has stood the test of time as an effective means of helping humans stay healthy.